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Caraway Seeds 100g (Hampshire Foods)

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Caraway Seeds

  • Produce of Turkey.
  • Strong flavoured tiny dried fruits.
  • Flavour reminiscent of liquorice, pepper and menthol.
Caraway seeds are an intensely flavoured little "pods". They resemble the appearance of cumin seeds, and although they're closely related, they have a completely different flavour.

Caraway has a distinct and complex flavour: sweet, aniseed-like and bitter yet refreshing.


Use caraway seeds in the following ways:
  • Caraway seeds can be used in vegetable broths or Sauerkraut. Simply use a teaspoonful to flavour the entire pot.
  • Sprinkled onto warm winter greens. They go well with cabbage.
  • Incorporated into breads and buns.
  • You can simply chew caraway seeds on their own (this is popular in the East).
Allergy Info & Warnings

Vegetarian, Vegan.

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