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Chilean Ulmo Blossom Honey 500g (Equal Exchange)

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Monofloral Set Honey from Chile
  • Fairtrade.
  • Made from single flower nectar.
  • Highly aromatic honey with a semi-set consistency.
  • Easy to spread and use as general sweetener.
This honey is collected from Apiaries around Central and Southern Chile via the Campesina Apicola Valdiva Co-operative. A thick, softly set honey that can be enjoyed as a spread or filling, as well as used in cooking and baking.

It is made from the nectar of the white blossom from the Ulmo tree. The blossom looks rather like a white version of the rose hip flower. It provides a distinctively fragrant honey with a mild to semi-mild flavour. It is best enjoyed as a drizzle rather than used in baking as the subtly of flavours will be lessened through heating.

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