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Ajwain Seeds [Similar to Lovage] 100g (TRS)

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Ajwain - Whole Carom Seeds 100g (Hampshire Foods)

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Ajwain Seed (Similar to Lovage)

  • Also known as Ajowan, Carom and Bishop's Weed.
  • Has a flavour similar to Thyme or Caraway Seeds.
  • Used traditionally in Indian cuisine.
Ajwain seeds have a strong flavour that resembles caraway seeds, yet slightly more bitter. The aroma is very similar to thyme (and strangely similar to our mix of Zahtar).

These seeds come from a plant that is of a similar family group to parsley (not the lovage plant). Ajwain seeds are not the same thing as lovage seeds but are commonly confused as they are very similar in appearance. This TRS packet suggests the content to be ajwain/lovage, however since they are not the same thing, we believe this to be ajwain (as far as we can tell from the flavour).


Ajwain seeds are often used in Indian cuisine and commonly accompanied by cumin seeds for added depth of flavour. Usually, ajwain seeds are dry fried with other spices before the wet ingredients of a dish are added.

Ajwain works well in savoury snacks such as onion bhajia, Pakora and Cathia. They can be sprinkled onto naan breads and added to lentils, pulses, potatos and other vegetable dishes for an extra kick.

Ajwain is also favoured for its medicinal properties and is used by some people for its antiseptic properties as well as for indigestion.

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  Ajwain - Whole Carom Seeds 100g (Hampshire Foods)
Higher-grade ajwain seeds.


Ajwain seeds. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

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