Elderflower 500g (Bulk)
Price: 16.49
Product Code: 8TE19
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Elderflower 500g (Bulk)

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16.49    Product Code: 8TE19

Pure Elderflowers

  • Dried, natural elderflowers.
  • Use to make herbal tea infusion.
  • Suitable for making elderflower wine and cordial.
  • 500g packet.

Elderflowers have a delicate, sweet flavour and are used in making tea, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages such as cider and wine.


Dried elderflower can be used to make delicious teas. Simply pour boiling hot water over the flowers, allow to infuse for 3 to 4 minutes and enjoy!


100% pure elderflower. (Last Batch packed: produce of Various Countries).

Price: 16.49
Product Code: 8TE19

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