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Below: the starter culture, which comes as a soft "biscuit"
which crumbles into your flour mix.

Special Offer: Was: £6.25
Price: £5.99 (or buy 3 or more for £5.69 each)
Product Code: AGT18

Original Sourdough Starter, Organic 10g (Bread Matters)

Price: £5.99 (or buy 3 or more for £5.69 each)
Product Code: AGT18
Special Offer: Was: £6.25

Sourdough Yeast for Home Bread Making

  • Organic Sour dough starter.
  • Helps your bread rise.
  • Produces the distinctive Sourdough taste.
  • Culture provides the basis for many loaves.
  • Make richly flavoured sourdough rye bread.
  • Can also be used for wheat-based breads and many more.
Andrew Whitley, co-founder of Britain's Real Bread Campaign started his own bakery in 1976. In the 1990's he brought over a sourdough starter from Russia for making his Rye Bread. A culture was born and it's in this packet!

Bring to life by refreshing with rye flour and water. If you look after your sourdough culture it can be kept going for years!

Instructions for Use

To activate the sourdough you will need:
  • 10g Sourdough Starter (this packet).
  • 30g Rye Flour ('dark' i.e. wholemeal, if possible)
  • Water (35°c) 60g
Start with a clean bowl/jar and utensils. Crumble the starter disc into the water and mix until well dispersed. Add the rye flour and stir until you have a smooth, sloppy mixture.

Cover (with clingfilm or a poly bag) and put in a warm place (25°c-30°c if possible). Leave for 12-24 hours. The mixture should be bubbling a little and smell slightly fruity/acidic. This is an active Sourdough starter. Further instructions for making bread and maintaining your starter culture are contained inside the pack.

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Special Offer: Was: £6.25

Price: £5.99 (or buy 3 or more for £5.69 each)
Product Code: AGT18

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