Raw Cacao Powder 250g (Choc Chick)

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Organic Raw Cacao Powder 250g

  • Great for making healthy cocoa drinks and smoothies.
  • Can also be added to Raw Cacao Butter to make your own chocolate.
  • Naturally high in antioxidants.
  • Dairy free.
  • Re-sealable pouch.
  • Organically harvested in Ecuador.
  • 250g pack.
Raw cacao powder may be used in the same way as other types of cocoa powder. Add a teaspoon to warmed milk (or milk alternative) to make a healthy, comforting drink. Cacao powder is also used alongside Cacao Butter to make chocolate. When melted at low temperatures, the cocoa is still classed as raw, retaining all of its natural goodness.

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What is raw cacao powder?

Standard cocoa powder is the result of extracting the solids from the cacao bean. This involves a significant number of steps which can include drying and roasting the beans, before removing the cocoa butter under heat.

This raw cacao powder is a more straightforward, natural product. It produced by grinding the raw cacao bean, then separating the solids from the oils (cacao butter) before grinding the solids again into a powder. The whole process is performed at a low temperature (below 42 degrees Celsius), thus keeping the cacao powder raw.

The result is a product with more of the goodness of the bean. Cacao contains natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It has the same great taste as cocoa and is used in exactly the same way.


Use as you would cocoa powder:
  • Stir into warm milk to make a hot chocolate drink. Sweeten with honey or coconut sugar to taste.
  • Blend with cacao butter to make excellent chocolate. Using Raw Cacao Butter, you can even make 100% raw chocolate! Sweeten with coconut sugar as required.
  • Sprinkle onto desserts or cappucinos for a chocolatey kick.
  • Coat fruit with cacao powder to make a healthy chocolatey treat for kids!


Raw Cacao (cocoa) powder. (Organic Theobroma Cacao, single origin, Nacional Arriba Fino de Aroma variety). For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

Nutritional Information

Typical Valuesper 100g

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Nutritional Information

Typical Valuesper 100g

Vegetarian, Vegan.

RRP was: £9.95

Price: £9.25
Product Code: CACO3

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