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Brown Rice

Brown Rice has many health benefits over white rice. Amongst its advantages are its higher fibre content, as well as a higher content of b-vitamins and minerals such as iron. Brown rice is generally from the same variety of white rice; it's just that white rice has undergone polishing in order to remove the outer layers. But the outer layers are nutritious, and also tasty. Brown rice is simply better!

Cook brown rice for slightly longer than white rice (around 5 minutes longer) for a soft, fluffy consistency that "grips" sauces very well. Brown rice is more filling than white rice, and is thus ideal for curries and other hearty meals.

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This value bag of brown basmati rice is the popular choice for eating with curry and chilli con carne.
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This rice is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. Brown rice is a whole grain, which means it retains more of its vitamins and fibre than the polished version.
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Simple long grain brown rice, organically grown in Italy. Cooks in 20-30 minutes.
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Suitable for paella, risotto, stuffed vegetables and other rice dishes.
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Basmati is a long-grain rice that originates primarily from India. This brown basmati rice is flavoursome and cooks in 20 minutes (if you follow our method). It is a luxurious rice with many health benefits.
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A fragrant, delicate brown rice that is reminiscent of Thai food.
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Sushi Rice is designed to be particularly glutinous (sticky) so that you can form sushi shapes with it. This brown sushi rice is a wholegrain healthy option that we find also works well in risotto dishes, as well as sushi.
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This brown risotto rice is slightly sticky, and suitable for many dishes including rice salads.
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Bulk bag for baking and cooking
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A distinct, nutty earthy flavour
  • Gluten-Free and organic.
  • Made from the whole grain.
  • Use to thicken sweet and savoury sauces.
  • Easy to digest and low in fat.
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