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Above: Mung beans & lentils left to sprout to their first leaves.

Below: The jar contains a stand that holds it in the best position.

RRP was: £9.81
Price: £8.95
Product Code: GRBID

BioSnacky Bioforce Germinator Jar (A.Vogel)

£8.95    Product Code: GRBID
RRP was: £9.81

Sprouting jar for seeds

This large germinator jar has a specially designed sieve-like lid to allow you to rinse your developing sprouts in a matter of minutes. The angled, rigid plastic flap keeps the jar pointed downwards. In our photo, we have positioned the jar upwards in order to show the sieve-lid. This downward angle is important to allow excess water to drain away, thus preventing your seeds from becoming waterlogged. This also means that air can circulate, which is crucial for healthy sprouting.

Rinse your favourite seeds, beans or lentils and put them into the jar. You don't have to pre-soak them, although they will sprout quicker if you do. Screw the lid on. Take a saucer or small plate and balance the jar on its end, on the green flap, so that its facing downwards. Then pop on your kitchen windowsill or other light, warm place. Rinse with water twice a day, gently shaking and rolling the sprouts around the surface of the jar. Harvesting times vary according to the type of seed, its size and the warmth of the room they are in.


  • Glass jar with rigid, green plastic lid.
  • Instructions for Use.

Please note: not suitable for cress and rucola/arugula seeds.

Looking after your Germinator Jar

Before use, wash the jar and lid separately with hot water and washing-up liquid. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. Please note: the makers of the Germinator Jar have not stated that this product is dishwasher safe; however, we have tested the jar and its lid in our dishwasher with no adverse effects, so far! We placed the jar and lid on the top rack through a 55 °C cycle. We leave the decision up to you as to whether you choose to put your Germinator Jar in the dishwasher.

RRP was: £9.81

Price: £8.95
Product Code: GRBID

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