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Product Code: 8CAS1
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Cassia Bark Chips, Organic 1kg (Bulk)

£23.50    Product Code: 8CAS1

Organic Cassia ("Cinnamon") Bark

  • Used in curries and rice.
  • Commonly known as "cinnamon" or "Chinese Cinnamon".
  • Organic produce, grown in Vietnam.
  • Packed in Sussex.
  • 50g pack.
This is the cassia bark, which is very similar to, though not identical to, regular cinnamon. It's commonly used in curries and has a stronger flavour than cinnamon. In India, they call this cassia "cinnamon" and this is what they use for curries.


Cassia bark can be added to curries and rice whilst cooking. It flavours the food in a gentle manner. Add the bark right at the start to allow the flavours to infuse fully. The bark can be removed at the end, or it can be left in the meal whilst eating and sucked for its flavour.
  • To cook with curries: add the bark right at the start, along with the onions. Add meats, vegetables and the sauce, and leave to cook for at least 20-30 minutes for best effect.
  • With rice: simply add to rice whilst cooking for a wonderful flavour and aroma. Commonly used along with cloves and black cardamom.
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Cassia bark, organic. Produce of Vietnam.For more information on our ingredients policy please see here


Price: £23.50
Product Code: 8CAS1

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