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Agave syrup, or agave nectar, is the extract of the agave plant. It is used as a general liquid sweetener in baking recipes and desserts, and can even be used to sweeten drinks such as tea and coffee.
Agave syrup is a light, runny syrup that has many uses including baking, sweetening drinks and spreading on toast like honey. Organically produced.
A darker, richer flavoured Agave Syrup from Mexico. This syrup is particularly useful for sweetening biscuits, cakes and recipes where a fuller flavoured sweetness is required.
Large squeezy bottle for drizzling, cooking and baking. Handy family size.

Other Pure Syrups

Naturally sweeten with this deep, rich sticky 100% date syrup.
100% organic date syrup, ideal for baking and cooking in a handy squeezy bottle!
Natural sweetener, ideal for baking and cooking.
100% Pure Coconut Blossom Syrup
A highly versatile sweetener.
RRP was: £3.99
Convenient, resealable pouch. Light, flavoursome natural sweetener.
RRP was: £6.80
Light to medium maple syrup.
RRP was: £6.99
A darker, slightly richer flavoured syrup.
RRP was: £3.36
Pure, natural 100% malted barley extract - no additives!
Handy-sized jar of this rich, dark syrup.
A light, fragrant syrup suitable for a variety of uses in desserts, as a spread and in tea or coffee.
RRP was: £16.48

Natural Sweeteners

Made from apples, grapes & carob. Low GI & vegan friendly.

Dessert Sauces


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Pure, organic unrefined molasses.

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