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Sugar & Sugar Substitutes 


Stevia Natural Sweetener Tub 115g (SweetLeaf)

Price: 11.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 11.39 each)
A cupboard sized tub of Stevia Powder. Use in cooking & baking.

Natural Stevia Sweetdrops 60ml, Clear (SweetLeaf)

Price: 10.95  
(or buy 3 or more for 10.40 each)
Liquid Stevia - add sweetness with just one or two drops.

Green Stevia Powder 50g (Food Alive)

Price: 6.33  
(or buy 3 or more for 6.01 each)
100% Pure Green Stevia Powder... Made from the dried, ground leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant, Brazil.

Natural Stevia Sweetdrops 60ml, Vanilla Creme (SweetLeaf)

Price: 12.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 12.34 each)
Liquid Stevia with Vanilla Extract - a versatile flavouring and sweetener in one!

Natural Stevia Sweetdrops 60ml, Chocolate (SweetLeaf)

Price: 11.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 11.39 each)
Liquid Stevia with real Cocoa Extract. Chocolatey sweetness with one or two drops.

Natvia Natural Sweetener 40x2g Sticks (Natvia)

Special offer! Was: 2.89
Price: 2.69  
(or buy 3 or more for 2.56 each)
Zero Calorie Sachets of Natvia Powder... Natvia is a mixture of Erythritol and Stevia.

Natvia Natural Sweetener 80x2g Sticks (Natvia)

Price: 5.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 5.69 each)
Zero Calorie Sachets of Natvia Powder... Natvia is a mixture of Erythritol and Stevia.

Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar 1kg, Organic (Sussex Wholefoods)

Our most popular coconut sugar!
Price: 7.89  
(or buy 3 or more for 7.50 each)
Extra-Value 1kg Pack...
  • Large bag of organic coconut sugar.
  • Excellent sweet flavour.
  • For chocolatiers and large families!

Coconut Palm Sugar 230g, Organic (Raw Chocolate Co)

Price: 3.79  
(or buy 3 or more for 3.60 each)
Coconut sugar is a low-GI alternative to standard table sugar. It is suitable for all purposes, including tea-making, baking and for making desserts. It has a very tasty flavour that works particularly well in biscuits and sweets.

Coconut Palm Sugar 500g, Organic (Biona)

Price: 5.49  
(or buy 3 or more for 5.22 each)
Organically certified Coconut Palm Sugar in a 500g bag.


Xylitol 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)

Our best-value xylitol product.
Price: 7.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 7.59 each)
Large bag of this white, granulated natural sweetener.

Xylitol Sweetener (Sugar-Free) Pouch 250g

Price: 2.95  
(or buy 3 or more for 2.80 each)
Xylitol is a naturally sweet plant extract with a low glycemic index. Use exactly as you would sugar in sweet recipes, tea or coffee.

Xylitol Sweetener (Sugar-Free) Resealable Pouch 1kg

Price: 10.40  
(or buy 3 or more for 9.88 each)
Extra-value large pack of xylitol.

Sukrin Sweetener

Sukrin Natural Sweetener, granulated 220g (Sukrin)

Price: 8.39  
(or buy 3 or more for 7.97 each)
Natural Granulated Sweetener... Sukrin has the same look and flavour as regular sugar!

Sukrin Gold Sweetener 220g (Sukrin)

Price: 5.39  
(or buy 3 or more for 5.12 each)
Granulated Sweetener... Similar in look and flavour to brown sugar but with less than 1 calorie per teaspoon...



Other sugars

Maple Sugar, Organic 260g (Acadian Maple)

Special Offer: Was: 14.99
Price: 13.49  
(or buy 3 or more for 12.82 each)
Pure Canadian Maple Sugar - the granulated form of Maple Syrup with the same great taste!

Golden Icing Sugar 500g (Billingtons)

Price: 1.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.89 each)
An unrefined golden sugar.

Coconut Jam 330g (Coconut Merchant)

Price: 5.59  
(or buy 3 or more for 5.31 each)
A velvety smooth caramel flavoured paste made from coconut milk and coconut sugar.

Guide to sweeteners & syrups

Our handy guide to the alternatives to cane sugar.

All sweeteners, sugars and syrups.

Sugar, Sweeteners, Syrups & Honey

Home Page  >  Sugar & Sugar Substitutes

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