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Price: £14.99
Product Code: SPL01

Spirulina Capsules 300 x 500mg, Organic (Rainforest Foods)

£14.99    Product Code: SPL01

Organic Spirulina Tablets (300x)

  • Organic produce.
  • A complete source of protein.
  • High in vitamins and minerals.
  • 100% pure spirulina.
  • 300 Spirulina Tablets.
  • 500mg per tablet.
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Organic spirulina. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

Nutritional Information

Typical Valuesper 6 tablets
Vitamin A1380µg (173%)
Vitamin E0.95mg (7.9%)
Niacin (B3)0.66mg (4%)
Vitamin B121.8 µg (72%)
Phosphorus29mg (4%)
Iron3.7mg (26%)
Manganese0.16mg (7.8%)
Chromium8.4 µg (21%)
Iodine54 µg (36%)

Price: £14.99
Product Code: SPL01

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