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Quick Guide to Pine Nuts

Pine Nuts or Pine Kernels are the edible seeds inside a pine cone. There are certain species of Pine Tree which produce the larger, best flavoured pine nuts suitable for eating. Pine nuts are actually a seed, and when harvested contain a hard outer shell which must be removed. It is the inner kernel that we eat.

Please note that pine nuts and pine kernels are the same thing!

The types of pine nut that we sell are listed below:

Korean Pine Nut

Chinese Pine Nut or Pinus koraiensis
  • Short kernels, creamy-yellow.
  • Nutty flavour with a strong taste.
  • Ideal for making all types of pesto.
  • Suited to toasting for salads and stuffing.
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Chilgoza Pine Nut

Himalayan Pine Nut or Pinus gerardiana
  • Long elongated kernels.
  • Dark cream with occasional brown tips.
  • Sweet, nutty flavour.
  • Suitable for sweet and savoury dishes.
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Stone Pine or European Pine Nut

Sicilian Pine Nut or Pinus pinea
  • Fat elongated kernels.
  • Smooth and creamy.
  • A gentle nuttiness.
  • Ideal for snacking and garnishing
  • Perfect for pesto.
  • Suited to sweet baking.
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