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Oatgurt Strawberry 400ml (Oatly)

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Oatgurt Strawberry

The strawberries are real. What's so amazing about that you ask? Nothing really. But there are a lot of products out there that claim to be strawberry and don't really have any real strawberries in them. A sign of the times maybe, but we like the old fashioned approach that says if you call it strawberry, you put strawberries in it. And while we were at it, we picked out the best strawberries we could find. We've also enriched this product with vitamin D2, vitamin B12, calcium and iodine. Okay, even though this section is starting to feel a bit long for a webpage, we have to mention that you can sort the container in the paper bin for recycling. See? Totally worth reading three more sentences.

Stir this product! You will be super happy you did. Keep refrigerated at 8 C. No milk, no soy, no whatever. Oatgurt is a very odd word, yes it is.
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Vegetarian, Vegan.

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