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Oatgurt Greek Style 400ml (Oatly)

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Oatgurt Greek Style

You might call this product a kitchen workhorse, if you like to speak in metaphors. Hot recipes, cold recipes, room-temp recipes (also called snacks), whatever you got, it's ready to make it all really great. Other nice things are the calcium, iodine, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D2 and the fact that the 10% fat comes from rapeseed oil which is high in unsaturated fat you know, the good kind.* Another bit of amazingness we should mention is that the container can be recycled as paper (the same as TetraPak), so if you are making a "why should I try this stuff" list, you can check the sustainability box, too.
* All our other products are also among the best we have ever created, but still.

Stir before enjoying, okay? Also, keep it in the fridge. An opened package lasts at least five days. Unopened, let the date stamp be your guide. What really matters is smelling, looking and tasting. Insider tip: If it's stored properly in the fridge it often lasts longer than the best-before date, so you're good.
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Vegetarian, Vegan.

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