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Original Flavour Herbal Drink 700ml (Norfolk Punch)

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Original Norfolk Punch Drink

  • Original flavour herbal punch.
  • Made from honey, lemon juice and molasses.
  • With infusions of spices, berries and herbs.
  • Authentic medieval recipe.
  • Enjoy hot or cold.
  • Non-alcoholic.
  • 700ml bottle.

Water, molasses, sugar, honey, lemon juice, herbs, berries & spices (alder, alehoof, angelica, bay, camomile, caraway, cinnamon, clove, daisy, dandelion, dock, elderberry, elderflower, fennel, feverfew, ginger, grapeskin, hops, lemon balm, lime flower, lime leaf, liquorice, meadowsweet, nutmeg, peppermint, poppy, rosemary, samphire, thyme, vervain).
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