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Dry and Light Mild Incontinence Pads x20 (Natracare)

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Light Incontinence Pads

  • Ideal for mild stress incontinence.
  • Latex-free, no plastic or perfumes.
  • Organic cotton cover.
  • Small, discreet and reliable.
  • Chlorine-free and 99% biodegradable.
  • x20 pads in individual packets.
Natracare Dry and Light incontinence pads are individually wrapped in discreet, biodegradable packaging, that can just be slipped into a pocket orbag.

Perfect for mothers who are experiencing stress incontinence after childbirth and any woman who leaks a little when they sneeze or laugh.

The cotton cover if perfect for those with sensitive skin and women recovering from stitches or surgery. Their latex and plastic-free nature means they are breathable and allow comfort and air-flow around the intimate areas.

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