Maize Meal

Maize Meal is a coarse white form of cornmeal, and can be used to make cornbread. There are various techniques for making cornbread, but the most common methods involve mixing the maize meal with water, plus a binding agent such as egg, flour or potato flour/tapioca flour, and sometimes a little baking powder. You can either bake the cornbread in an oven, or fry in a hot pan.
Yellow Maize Meal suitable for making tortillas and other flatbreads. Guaranteed gluten-free.
Super-fine Organic Yellow Corn Flour
This corn flour can be used to make flat breads, gluten free breads and mixed with other flours to make pastry.
Our most popular polenta!
Organic Medium-Ground Corn Meal
Makes tasty polenta and corn based breads and cakes.

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