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Hairfolic Her Advanced, 30 Capsules + 30 Tablets (Vitabiotics)

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Advanced Nutrition for Hair

Life stage changes, diet, hair styling and overall health, can all impact the health of our hair. Maintaining a healthy head of hair begins with the proper nutritional building blocks. The hair follicle itself is a highly active metabolic "factory" requiring oxygen, energy and protein synthesis to maintain normal healthy hair. Hairfollic Her Advanced is a dual pack programme that has been developed to provide a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, including scientifically researched Beaulixir® capsules.

  • A daily dual-pack of Tricologic complex and research-tested Beaulixir capsules has been scientifically shown in research to help support healthy hair density2 and growth2.
  • Contains natural phytonutrients including Wheatgerm and Linseed Oil.
  • Doubles up as a comprehensive multivitamin for all-round health and wellbeing.
  • From the UK's No.1 vitamin company.

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