Pure, chewy banana.<br>
Each strip is actually a whole banana!
Pure, chewy banana.
Each strip is actually a whole banana!
Dried Bananas, Soft, Pure 250g (VNC)

Dried Bananas, Soft, Pure 250g (VNC)

  • Chewy strips of banana.
  • Made from pure banana. No sugar added!
  • 250g value pack.
  • Made from the mini bananas that grow in the East. Each strip is a whole mini banana!
  • Back by popular demand!
These dried bananas are chewy and contain nothing but banana. They are soft and chewy and not too sweet or sticky. Being 100% pure banana (without the added sugar one normally finds in banana chips), they are an ideal healthy snack.

These bananas are ideal for chopping up and adding to muesli/porridge/breakfast cereal. They are much healthier than the sugared banana chips that one finds in the brand-name cereals!

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Banana - no other ingredients.

Produce of Vietnam. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

Vegetarian, Vegan.

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