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Chilli Pepper Pete's

Based in Brighton (around 5 miles from us), the Chilli Pepper Pete's specialist range of chilli sauces range from flavoursome sauces right through to extremely concentrated pastes for chilli fiends!

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Product Recommendations

Walnuts, Organic 500g (Sussex Wholefoods)
Raw Hemp & Linseed Butter, Organic 170g (Carley's)
Flaked Almonds, Organic 250g (Infinity Foods)
Sweet Cherries, Dried (Pearls of Samarkand) 100g
Cous Cous 450g - Wholemeal, Organic (Infinity)
Curry Leaves 10g (Hampshire Foods)
Bay Leaves 10g (Hampshire Foods)
Smoked Spanish Paprika (Pimenton) 50g (Hampshire Foods)
Unblanched Almonds 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)
Cinnamon Powder 50g (Hampshire Foods)
Beetroot Powder 50g (Hampshire Foods)
Coconut Original Drink + Calcium, 1 Litre (KoKo)

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