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Cassia Bark (sometimes known as Cinnamon Bark)

Also known as "Chinese Cinnamon" • Commonly used in curries and savoury dishes.

Cassia is often known as "cinnamon bark", and differs from "true cinnamon". Cinnamon is commonly available as ground cinnamon and cinnamon quills (or cinnamon sticks). These are both "true cinnamon". Cassia, on the other hand, is a different bark from the cinnamon family. Cassia contains almost the same set of cinnemaldehydes and other essential oils as cinnamon, except that cassia is a lot stronger.

Cassia is used rather than "true cinnamon" in savoury Indian and Chinese dishes. You can use cassia bark to add flavour to any spicy dish. For example, you can pop a stick of bark in the pan whilst stir-frying, or add it to Basmati rice when cooking.

Cassia Cinnamon Bark 100g (Hampshire Foods)
Large pieces of cassia bark. Snap into smaller fragments and add to basmati rice. Can also be used in place of the finer Ceylon Cinnamon when making mulled drinks.

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