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Buckwheat Flour

Buckwheat flour is ideal for those avoiding wheat. Buckwheat is not a form of wheat, and does not naturally contain gluten. Buckwheat flour can be used to make bread, scones, pancakes and many more. It is usually mixed with tapioca flour or potato flour in order to do what the gluten normally does. Buckwheat flour is also known as "Sarrasin flour".
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Guaranteed gluten-free • Not a form of wheat! • For baking and making pancakes • Large family-sized pack • Organic.
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Guaranteed gluten-free • Buckwheat is not wheat! • Organic • Can be used to make bread, pancakes, scones and more.
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Please note that Doves Farm Buckwheat Flour is not guaranteed gluten-free.
The sweet, nutty flavour of this flour makes it ideal for pancakes. It also can be used in savoury cooking and pasta making.
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Sprouted, Organic Buckwheat Flour
Great for pancakes, bread and cakes!
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