Breakfast Recipes


Muesli & Granola Recipes

Inspiration for a healthier breakfast.

Pancakes & Waffles

A selection of pancake and waffle ideas - from thick American to thin crepes; sweet & savoury. Gluten-free recipes too!

Breakfast Muffins & Bakes

Simple breakfast bites. Make in advance, eat on the go. Fruity, nutty and gluten-free ideas .

Porridge Recipes

This warming breakfast can be made from many types of flakes and grains, not just oats! Try our gluten-free, dairy-free recipes.

Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies and shakes are easy to make! No need for expensive pre-prepared mixes... all you need are the ingredients and a blender!

Breakfast Bars & Snacks

Make ahead recipes for breakfast on the move.

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Muesli Ingredients - Make your own!

Fruit, nuts, seeds and grains - make your own!
Everything that you need to make your own muesli including fruit, nuts, seeds, grains and natural flavourings.

Milk Alternatives

We sell a range of healthy milk alternatives for those who want to try something different. They are very low in fat and each contain their own nutritional values to maintain a healthy balanced diet. These milks can be added to cereal, drinks and baking in the same way you would use cows milk.

Nut Butters, Jam & Honey

A selection of healthy jam spreads and butters. The range includes a peanut butter that is nothing but 100% pure peanuts, and high-fruit jams with no added sugar.

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