Very Heavy Mighty Reusable Sanitary Pad - Lush x 1 (Bloom & Nora)

8.99    Product Code: 3BLNH

Mighty Eco-Friendly Sanitary Pad

  • Bloomer Mighty - designed for heavy flow days and nights.
  • Extremely absorbent layers (including bamboo fleece next to your skin) and a unique stay dry binding.
  • Fantastic leak protection thanks to its contoured slim fit & popper tabs.
  • Soft waterproof exterior made from 100% recycled plastic bottle waste.
  • Surface - 1 layer of Bamboo fleece.
  • Core - Polyester microfibre.
  • Beautiful 'Lush' design.
  • Length 32cm (approx).
  • Holds up to 195ml.
  • More absorbent than disposable pads.
  • Made in Great Britain.

Washing Instructions: Rinse in cold water immediately after use to stop stains setting. Store in waterproof bathroom bag and wash within 48 hours.

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Price: 8.99
Product Code: 3BLNH

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