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Sanitary Pad - Moderate Flow (Bambaw)

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Reusable Sanitary Pad - Moderate Flow

Avoid waste and the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome thanks to these discreet and odour-control 3 layers sanitary pads. Best way to enjoy safe and eco-friendly personal hygiene. The reusable sanitary pads from Bambaw are made for women, by women to make sure they cover all your feminine hygiene needs.

What is a reusable sanitary pad?

A reusable sanitary napkin works just like a standard sanitary pad, except that instead of having to be thrown away after one use, it can be washed and reused.

Indeed, traditional sanitary pads are often made of synthetic materials such as plastic and synthetic polymers and are therefore single use. Bambaw reusable panty liners, on the other hand, are made of 3 materials: bamboo charcoal, microfiber and PUL fabric.

Together, these materials provide the panty liner with absorbency, protection, elasticity and odour control, making it an ideal menstrual protection and also washing machine safe.

There are three different types of sanitary pads, each of which will protect you best according to your menstrual flow:

  • Light flow (1 layer of microfiber)
  • Medium flow (2 layers of microfiber)
  • Heavy flow (3 layers of microfiber)

Three materials

All reusable menstrual pads are discreetly in black and made from three materials:

  • Bamboo charcoal for a dry and soft feeling, as well as odour control
  • Microfiber for maximum absorption and quick-drying
  • Waterproof PUL for best protection and slight elasticity All reusable sanitary pads also have snaps on the wings to make sure they stay in place securely all the time.

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