Thyme & Pine Honey 250g (Melissa)
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Thyme & Pine Honey 250g (Melissa)

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100% Pure Greek Pine & Thyme Honey

  • This superb honey has the unique fragrance of pine & thyme and a truly wonderful flavour.
  • Rich in antioxidants due to its pine content.
  • Created by artisan Beekeeper Dimitris who keeps his bees on the most western southern peninsula of the Peloponnese, where they feed on wildflowers and pine trees most of the year. Then, in early June the bee swarms are taken on his small boat across to one of the southern islands where they feed on the abundant thyme until they are taken back on the mainland in late July for the first collection of their honey.
  • 250g.

Melissa only deals with very small nomadic Artisan Beekeepers scattered all over Greece. Their yearly production is very small, and in some instances, maybe no more than 400 kilos.

All Melissa's honey is raw, unheated and unprocessed as it comes from the hive with only an initial basic filtration.

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100% Thyme & Pine Honey. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

Price: 7.95
Product Code: MLH0D

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