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Snacking Fruit, Nuts & Seeds

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RRP was: £5.49
Savoury snack with a satisfying crunch and naturally high in protein to keep you full for longer. Quality, organically grown, Sicilian almonds.
Raisins that taste like cola
  • 100% natural fruit & fruit juices.
  • Snack pack.
Raisins that taste like lime
  • 100% natural fruit & fruit juices.
  • Snack pack.

Raisins that taste like sweet cherry
  • 100% natural fruit & fruit juices.
  • Snack pack.


Raisins that taste like sweet orange
  • 100% natural fruit & fruit juices.
  • Great for children.

Organic raisins covered in white chocolate & yoghurt.
Organic raisins coated in delicious milk chocolate.
Pocket sized snack pack of roasted and very lightly salted seeds and soya.
RRP was: £4.99

Bigger Packs (Family-Sized)

Larger packs of really tasty fruit, nuts and seeds. All are great for keeping at your office desk or as a biscuit tin alternative.

Top Brands


Clearly Scrumptious

Pure & Simple Snacking Fruit
A variety of fruity snack packs for healthy nibbling.

Crispy Natural

Fruit and vegetable crisps.

Food Doctor

Food Doctor specialise in crackers and savoury seed snacks.

Inspiral Raw Snacks

Raw food experts Inspiral have created a range of incredible savoury snacks, including their infamous Kale Chips with Wasabi and Raw Almond Crackers.

Munchy Seeds

A range of tasty seeds for sharing and snacking. Seasonings include Cajun, Chilli and Vanilla.

Nakd Raisins

From the makers of Nakd Bars come this range of naturally-flavoured raisins with no sugar or artificial ingredients.

Tropical Wholefoods

Tropical Wholefoods offer a range of fruit, vegetables and fruit-based products for snacking and cooking. Their range includes bananas, mangoes and mushrooms, as well as crispy snack bars for the kids.

Mr Filberts

Mr Filbert's offer an exciting gourmet range of tasty nuts, seeds and olives. Perfect for dinner parties, or just as a quick on-the-go snack!

Main categories...

For more choice and bigger pack sizes, take a look at our main dried fruit, nuts and seeds sections....

All Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit is really great, and we do quite a good selection, including some uncommon ones. We have highlighed the ones that we think are the most tasty and healthy.

All Nuts and Seeds

Most of our nuts and seeds are unsalted. Available in snack-sized or bulk form.

Out-of-stock items...

The following items are temporarily unavailable, but due back in stock soon!


This product is temporarily out of stock.

A mixture of savoury roasted pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds. High in omega oils.

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Sussex Wholefoods (12)
Tropical Wholefoods (5)
Pimp My Salad (4)
Nakd (4)
Clearspring (4)
Munchy Seeds (3)
Infinity Foods (2)
Crazy Jack (2)
Biona (2)
Pearls of Samarkand (1)


Organic (10)
Gluten-Free (3)
Dairy-Free (21)
Vegan (34)

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