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Nori Seaweed

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This is our favourite form of Nori. Un-toasted and natural. This pack contains 10 sheets.
RRP was: £3.88
These toasted nori sheets are ideal for sushi. Simply cut to shape and use. 7 sheets per pack.
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RRP was: £1.26
RRP was: £2.76
RRP was: £1.26
RRP was: £2.76

Sushi Rolling

Traditional rolling mat with how-to-roll instructions.

Facts About Nori Seaweed


Nori Seaweed is a popular seaweed, and recognisable to those who like Sushi. It typically comes in large sheets, that are then either rolled up into cones to make sushi cones, also known as Temakizushi. These cones are filled with rice, and vegetables such as bean sprouts. Nori sheets are also used to make the smaller sushi rolls, known as makizushi. These are typically made in one big roll and then cut up; however, you can also buy the little strips already-cut-up.

Nori seaweed is good for newcomers to seaweed. It is easy to work with. There is no need to soak nori: it comes ready to eat. Most general advice guides recommend that you either "toast" nori, or buy it "ready-toasted". We sell both types, and actually prefer the un-toasted variety ourselves because it's slightly more flexible and therefore more useful for wraps.

Nori seaweed is high in protein (35%) and fibre (45%), and is full of trace minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Nori is low in calories - less than 4 calories per sheet. This means that a nori cone can make a very good lunchtime alternative to a sandwich if you are watching your calorie intake. The bread in a sandwich typically accounts for around 200 calories or more, so you can halve your lunchtime calorie intake if you opt to use nori to wrap the ingredients instead.
As a serving suggestion, see our Nori Wrap with Tofu and Beansprouts.

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