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Pine Honey 250g (Melissa)

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100% Pure Greek Pine Honey

  • Superb Greek honey with a distinct & mild aromatic pine fragrance and a wonderful flavour.
  • This delicious pine honey comes from the Northern pine forests of the island of Evia.
  • Produced by Apostolis, a small Artisan nomadic honey keeper/collector. He produces small quantities every year, allowing his bees to feed on their own honey and not feeding them with sugar and other 'special bee feeds''.
  • Greek pine honey is known to have the highest antibacterial properties.
  • Suitable to be applied directly to the skin to help the healing of wounds and burns. Also wonderful on toast or stirred into tea.
  • 250g.

Melissa only deals with very small nomadic Artisan Beekeepers scattered all over Greece. Their yearly production is very small, and in some instances, maybe no more than 400 kilos.

All Melissa's honey is raw, unheated and unprocessed as it comes from the hive with only an initial basic filtration.

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