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Ground Roasted Barley, Organic 400g (Orzo Coffee)

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Organic Roasted & Ground Barley

'Caffè d'orzo' or Barley Coffee has long been enjoyed in Italy as a delicious alternative to regular coffee. It is created from a specific variety of barley called Orzo Mondo or hulless barley. This barley is grown in the fields of the Veneto region. It is harvested in the summer and slowly roasted at low temperatures to preserve all of its natural properties.

Orzo's Barley Coffee is 100% natural and free from chemicals. It is completely caffeine-free, meaning it is suitable for adults, children and those looking to reduce their intake of caffeine!

Barley coffee has a smooth taste and an intense aroma. Not to be likened to sweet barley water, roasted barley imparts a coffee-like flavour without the bitterness. You can use this ground roasted barley as you would ground coffee beans. It works well with milk and sweetener, but you can also use it to make long coffee-like drinks like lattes and cappuccinos!


Orzo Barley Coffee can be brewed in the same way as ground coffee, using a cafetiere, percolator, filter or espresso machine.

Cafetiere or filter coffee machines: Allow 1 tablespoon of Orzo Coffee per mug and brew for 3 - 5 minutes.

Percolator or Espresso Machine: Loosely fill only two thirds of the filter basket with Orzo Coffee.

100% Organic Ground Roasted Italian Barley `
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