Extra Iron, 60 Capsules (Bio-Health)

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Extra Iron + Vitamin C

Provides meaningful amounts of Iron, Vitamin C and Copper. 60 x One-a-day vegetable capsules.

Ironís main function as an essential trace element is a constituent of haemoglobin and sited predominantly in the spleen, liver and bone marrow. Haemoglobin carries oxygen round the body to the cells where it releases the energy from food. Iron is especially necessary for growth and development during childhood.

Formulated to be easily absorbed. Pure-fil.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.
Pure-fil means:

  • No colours or flavours.
  • No binders, fillers, glidants or coatings.
  • No emulsifiers, plasticisers, disintegrants, slow release agents or lubricants.
  • No synthetic ingredients.
  • Pure-fil products contain 100% active ingredients.
  • Nothing genetically modified.
  • Pure-fil products are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.
  • They are a perfect choice for those suffering with allergies, food intolerances, need special dietary requirements or just donít like to have unnecessary additives when they can have purity.

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Iron 20mg (Fumarate), Vitamin C 150mg, Copper 1mg in vegetable capsules. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here


Price: £7.49
Product Code: BIH04

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