Black Sesame Seeds 

Black Sesame Seeds are quite different in flavour from the normal, white sesame seeds. They are popular in the East, where they are used in Japanese sushi as well as Chinese stir fries. They have a deeper, some would say more bitter flavour, that works well in savoury recipes.

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Value Pack... and organic too
Organic black sesame seeds with a rich flavour. Excellent value pack.
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Topping & coating pack
Japanese Sushi rolls often come covered in black sesame, but these striking seeds are also used in Chinese and Indian cuisine.

Black Tahini

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Black Sesame Seed Tahini
Sesame seed spread made from black Bolivian sesame seeds. High in omega 9, omega 3, calcium , zinc and selenium.
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A mix of Cornish Sea Salt (lower sodium) with ground black sesame seeds.

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Black Sesame Seeds: Recipes and Ideas

Recipes involving black sesame seeds, as well as general nutritional information.

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