Yogi Teas

Yogi Teas are a range of ayurvedic blends that are both wonderfully complex in flavour and designed to have a positive effect on the mind and body. These teas do not contain actual tea leaves, therefore naturally contain low or no caffeine.
Yogi Tea - Classic (Cinnamon Spice) x15 Bags
A Traditional Ayurvedic Recipe
  • A recipe thousands of years old.
  • Sweet, spicy and invigorating.
Yogi Tea - Stomach Ease x17 Bags
Organic Ayurvedic Digestive Blend
  • With soothing Fennel, uplifting Peppermint & calming Cardamom & Ginger.
  • Specific herb & spice blend for more comfortable digestion.
Yogi Tea - Choco (Aztec Spice) x17 Bags
Organic Chocolate & Spice Tea
  • With cocoa shells, carob, ginger, liquorice and vanilla.
  • A relaxing and indulgent, flavourful tea.
Yogi Tea - Licorice (Egyptian Spice) x15 Bags

Organic Sweet Liquorice Ayurvedic Blend
  • Liquorice Tea with ginger, orange peel and cinnamon.
  • A rich, lively tea.

Yogi Tea - Lime Mint x17 Bags
A Light, Refreshing Blend
Made with peppermint, spearmint, lemon, liquorice and other herbs and spices.
Yogi Tea - Women's Tea x17 Bags
With ginger, cinnamon, fennel and chamomile.
Yogi Tea - Women's Balance x17 Bags
Women's balance tea is an energising blend of raspberry leaves, lemon verbena, thyme and oregano, created to bring about the inner balance of our soul.
Yogi Tea - Bedtime x17 Bags
A relaxing valerian tea with fennel, chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm and lavender.
Yogi Tea - Women's Energy x17 Bags
With hibiscus, liquorice, peppermint, raspberry leaves and spices.
Yogi Tea - Men's Tea x17 Bags
A spicy tea with ginger, cardamom, liquorice, cinnamon and ginseng.
Yogi Tea - Green Jasmine x17 Bags
With jasmine, ginger, green tea, lemon grass, lemon verbena and rose.
Yogi Tea - Green Energy x17 Bags
Yogi Tea have created this refreshing blend of herbs to help promote energy and well being.
Choco Chai Loose Tea 90g, Organic (Yogi Tea)
Ginger, Orange with Vanilla, Organic 17 Bags (Yogi Tea)
Choco Mint, Organic 17 bags (Yogi Tea)
Christmas Tea, Organic 17 bags (Yogi Tea)
Finest Tea Selection, Organic 18 bags (Yogi Tea)
Tea & Cup Gift Pack (Yogi Tea)

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