Vegetable Powders


Vegetable Powders

Buy 3 or more for 10.44 each
Bulk Bag - Organic Beetroot Powder
Buy 3 or more for 3.79 each
Thicken Custard and Savoury Sauces
Large bag of this versatile thickener.
Buy 3 or more for 2.80 each
Special Offer! Was: 3.95
For adding umami
Ground porcini mushrooms.
Buy 3 or more for 9.49 each
Special Offer: Was: 10.99
Organic Maca Root Powder
This a subtly sweet pure powder which is high in fibre. It also contains Iron and Calcium.
Buy 3 or more for 5.69 each
Special Offer: Was: 6.99
Organic Maca Root Powder
Handy starter size of this nutritious powder.
Buy 3 or more for 4.74 each
100% Organic Beetroot Powder
Sweet with a vivid colour perfect for curries, marinades and smoothies.

Other Types of Powders


Nutritional Powders

Mineral-Rich, Antioxidant Powders
These powders are used for their nutritional values rather than for cooking. These powders include: Vitamin C Powder, Spirulina Powder and Barley Grass.


Spices; Powdered, Whole & Flaked
Spices and spice blends from around the world, in nice big friendly bags. Here you'll find an A-Z of spice powders, including: Curry Powder, Cinnamon Powder, Chilli Powder, Garlic Powder and much more.

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