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A delicious and healthy crisp company that are highly skilled in concocting guilt-free crisps derived from yams. Veganic currently have 3 mouth-watering flavours that you will not be disappointed with. Perfect to eat on-the-go, during lunch - or whenever the mood takes you!

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Product Recommendations

Spinach Powder 50g (Hampshire Foods)
Goji Berries, Organic 500g (Sussex Wholefoods)
Naturally Dried Pear Crisps 20g (Perry Court Farm)
Choco Walnut Brownie Dessert Bar, Organic 42g (Rhythm 108)
Sunflower Seeds 1kg (Healthy Supplies)
Sparkling Cola Drink, Organic 330ml (Whole Earth)
Brown Rice Crackers, Organic 130g (Rude Health)
Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder 50g (Healthy Supplies)
Lemon Energy Drink, Organic 250ml (Gusto)
Wholegrain Spelt Cakes, Organic 100g (Biona)
Lemon Cake Dessert Bar, Organic 42g (Rhythm 108)
Banana Muffin Dessert Bar, Organic 42g (Rhythm 108)

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