Umami Flavourings

Umami is the fifth basic taste alongside sweet, sour, bitter and salt. It is best recognised as the flavour that makes bacon delicious. The products below are all, in some way, designed to add umami to meals.
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Natural food flavouring.
Natural food flavouring.
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Very popular in the East, particularly in Thai and Vietnamese cooking.

Soy Sauce

The most popular way to add umami.

Miso (Paste)

A comprehensive range of Japanese Miso Pastes. From white 'shiro' miso through to unpasteurised pure soya or 'hatcho' miso.


Dried mushrooms such as shiitake and porcini are high in umami. The drying process intensifies the umami flavour.


Tomatoes posess a degree of umami flavour... particularly sun-dried.
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Kimchi is a staple in Korean cuisine. Spicy and delicious with a balanced taste of saltiness, sourness and umami.

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Clearspring (29)
Biona (12)
Sussex Wholefoods (10)
Sanchi (6)
Meridian (4)
King Soba (3)
Tropical Wholefoods (3)
Itsu (2)
Infinity Foods (2)
Lima (1)
Kikkoman (1)
Clearspring Tamari (1)
Amy's Kitchen (1)
Thai Taste (1)
Mikei (1)
Fushi Wellbeing (1)
Morphakis (1)
Mr Organic (1)
Greens Organic (1)
Zest (1)
Pearls of Samarkand (1)
Essential (1)
Hatcho (1)
Bulk (1)


Organic (58)
Gluten-Free (10)
Dairy-Free (45)
Vegan (71)

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