Organic Parsley Leaves 1kg (Bulk)
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Organic Parsley Leaves 1kg (Bulk)

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Organically Grown Parsley

  • Organically grown in Egypt.
  • Refreshing flavour.
  • Used throughout European and British cuisine.
Parsley is a herb that is familiar in Britain, and it's also used throughout Europe. This is a high-quality organic parsley that can be used to flavour your sauces, soups and as a sprinkle on vegetables.


Parsley is commonly used to flavour sauces such as cheese sauce for pouring over cauliflower or in pasta bakes. It can also be sprinkled onto roast potatoes. Parsley has a fresh flavour that "lifts" any dish. Sprinkle liberally! It can also be used in soups, casseroles and throughout a great many European dishes.
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Parsley, dried. Organically grown in Egypt. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here


Price: 25.95
Product Code: 8PAR1

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