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Top Ten...uses for Tamarind

Each month we and our Healthy Supplies friends discuss the top ten ways to use one of our ingredients. This month we are looking at the top ten uses for tangy Tamarind! Our panel this month consists of the Healthy Supplies team, Chef Gary and our lovely blogger Elaine Livingstone!

Tamarind is a pivotal ingredient in Asian cuisine; however this unique fruit also holds significance in western cuisine by being the primary flavour in sauces such as Worcestershire sauce and HP sauce. The taste of Tamarind is best described as sweet and sour in taste, and is high in acid, sugar, B vitamins and, interestingly for a fruit, calcium.

  1. Tamarind is a prime ingredient in creating Indian chutneys. - Gary Lurcock, Chef

  2. Use tamarind in this wonderful cake recipe to make a Tamarind Fruit loaf! - Elaine Livingstone.

  3. Add Tamarind paste to tomato puree/chopped tomatoes to make a delicious Lamb Madras! - Caroline Fernandes, Owner of Healthy Supplies

  4. Add Tamarind to boiling water and honey to make an interesting tangy drink. - Tina Manahai-Mahai

  5. Tamarind is an important ingredient in Jamaican Jerk seasoning. - Brendan Fernandes, Owner of Healthy Supplies

  6. The Tamarind block can easily be made into a paste. Simply break the required amount and mix with water. - Symon Back

  7. Combine Tamarind with coconut powder/creamed coconut to provide the base flavours of a Malaysian Curry. - Tina Manahai-Mahai

  8. Add Tamarind to egg, milk, flour and Xylitol to create tamarind pancakes! Click here to see the full recipe - Elaine Livingstone.

  9. Stir in a tablespoon of Tamarind paste to intensify the flavour of Chicken Pad Thai. - Tina Manahai-Mahai

  10. Create your own Sweet & Sour BBQ Sauce with the Tamarind squeezable pouch! - Beccy Starnes.

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