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Soft BPA Free Bamboo Toothbrush (Kurin)

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Soft BPA Free Bamboo Toothbrush - For Kids!

At Kurin we believe that looking after yourself doesn't have to cost the planet. That's why we make our toothbrushes from one of the most sustainable resources on the planet, Bamboo. This fast-growing grass provides the perfect material to shape a light and comfortable handle that can be composted after use. We use soft BPA free nylon bristles that give a perfect level of stiffness for gentle cleaning of teeth and gums, without leaching chemicals into your mouth. Our sustainably sourced bamboo handles are designed to be composted after use, simply remove the nylon bristles beforehand. For best brushing results, use with Kurin natural toothpaste.

Please note: The colour of this toothbrush is blue.

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