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Savoury Baking Ingredients 

Here are some suggestions of savoury ingredients to use in baking. You can experiment with herbs, spices and seeds to make interesting rolls and flat breads. You can even add other ingredients such as sun dried tomatoes, olives and dried mushrooms for a Mediterranean flavour.

Salt & Pepper

The much loved basic seasonings

At Healthy Supplies, we offer a low sodium salt substitute, whole peppercorns and pepper. Salt and pepper are the perfect partners to give that final touch to your meal.

Sunflower Seeds

A healthy, crunchy seed.

Sunflower seeds, much like pumpkin seeds, are high in polyunsaturates, minerals and fibre. These can be added in to various dough recipes and also make bread crusts more crunchy!

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Gives a kick of flavour.

At Healthy Supplies, the sun dried tomatoes we offer are healthier than those preserved in oil. Instead we sell dried tomatoes in packets which avoid fatty preserves. These are tangy in taste and work very well in baking Italian-style breads. These also taste good in sauces, with meats and vegetable dishes.

Sesame Seeds

For sprinkling.

Sesame seeds have a unique, nutty and slightly sweet flavour. These seeds are very good for you and can be sprinkled on things like bread rolls.

Pumpkin Seeds

Chunky, wholesome seeds.

Pumpkin seeds add crunch and texture. They are naturally high in minerals, omega oils and protein. These are often baked into breads and biscuits but are perfectly ok for nibbling on loose.

Poppy Seeds

Add that sweet poppy seed crunch.

Poppy seeds are usually associated with bagels and buns, but can also be ground into a paste to make sweet filling for desserts. They add a crunchy texture to all sorts of dishes and in bread baking too.

Black Pepper

Season your baking with pride!

We supply a variety of peppercorns, including black pepper, and also cracked peppercorns and even pink peppercorns! Pepper is the classic seasoning and can add a bit of spice and tang to anything. Savoury baking is no exception; you can season your bread with salt and pepper.

Mushrooms (Porcini)

Soft and flavoursome mushrooms.

Porcini mushrooms (or 'ceps mushrooms'), have a distinct flavour and an almost meaty texture.
From our mushroom range, we feel that porcini mushrooms would work well in flat breads with an Italian feel. Once they have re-hydrated, some of the liquid left behind could also be incorporated into the dough, to infuse the bread in the deep flavour.

Hemp Seeds

A protein-packed seed.

Hemp seeds, like most other seeds, are rich in omega-3 and omega-6. They are a complete protein and much like flax seed, have a nutty taste that works well sprinkled on crusty bread rolls, in crisp breads, in muesli and salads.

Flaxseed (Linseed)

Omega-3 rich, nutty flavoured seeds.

Flax seeds are like little cases of protein and fibre. They can be used in baking breads & crisp breads, as well as sprinkled on muesli, or to thicken soups. These seeds act as a useful way of adding omega-3 fatty acids to the diet (ideal for vegans).

Herbs - Italian Mixed

Price: 1.59  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.51 each)
The Italian taste... The Italian mixed herbs are a ready made blend. All you need to do is add to tomato-based sauces or directly into pizza dough for a feel of Italy.

Herbs de Provence

Price: 1.49  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.42 each)
French mixed herbs... The provencale herb mix is a classic French taste. Of course these have been blended for adding into all sorts of savoury dishes but also lend themselves well to home made crispbread recipes, and healthy bread baking.


Price: 1.69  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.61 each)
Chopped chives - works with cheese... Chives taste similar to onions and garlic, but with a much milder taste. They work well as an alternative to garlic or in salads and cheese-based snacks. A fresh baked bread mixed with chives and rosemary would be complimented well with a low fat cheese on top, making a healthy lunch time meal.


Price: 1.39  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.32 each)
Dried basil; a much loved herb... Long-lasting dried basil for general culinary use. Can be sprinkled on top of savoury breads to add a fresh flavour. Basil is a commonly used herb when baking focaccia bread.

Caraway Seeds

Price: 1.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.89 each)

A fresh aniseed-like flavour... Caraway seeds are similar to aniseed in flavour as well as looks. Caraway may be used in baking. They are popular in Germany, where they are used to flavour sauerkraut and as well as cakes.

Home Page  >  Baking And Flavourings  >  Savoury Baking Ingredients

Product Recommendations

Smoked Spanish Paprika (Pimenton) 50g (Hampshire Foods)
Oregano 50g (Hampshire Foods)
Lemon Tagine Seasoning 50g (Hampshire Foods)
Paprika Noble Sweet [Hungarian] 50g (Hampshire Foods)
Coriander Powder [ground] 100g (TRS)
Coriander Leaves, Dried 50g (Hampshire Foods)
Parsley 50g (Hampshire Foods)
Quinoa Grain [Whole], Organic 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)
Ground Nutmeg 50g (Hampshire Foods)
Peri-Peri Spice Mix 50g (Hampshire Foods)
Cumin Seeds [Whole Jeera] 100g (TRS)
Kalonji [Black Onion Seeds] 300g (TRS)


Sussex Wholefoods (35)
Infinity Foods (16)
Biona (16)
Hampshire Foods (9)
Falksalt (9)
Healthy Supplies (8)
Carley's (5)
Meridian (5)
Munchy Seeds (4)
TRS (4)
Pramoleum (4)
Maldon Sea Salt (3)
Profusion (3)
Granovita (3)
Clearspring (3)
Raw Health (3)
Olive Branch (2)
Naturya (1)
Amy's Kitchen (1)
Sanchi (1)
Biona, Organic (1)
Carleys (1)
Tree of Life (1)
Yaoh (1)
Nutiva (1)
Prewetts (1)
Naturita (1)
Geo Organics (1)
Inspiral (1)
Zest (1)
Tropical Wholefoods (1)
Sukrin (1)
Crispy Natural (1)
Essential (1)


Organic (74)
Gluten-Free (16)
Dairy-Free (113)
Vegan (118)


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Tomatoes (25)
Flax Seeds (Linseed) (23)
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Salt And Pepper (20)
Sesame Seeds (19)
Tomato-Based Sauces (16)
Sussex Wholefoods Gourmet Range (15)
Seed Spreads (11)
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Sale and Special Offers (9)
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Make Your Own Food Hamper (3)
Pepper and Peppercorns (3)
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Savoury Baking Ingredients (1)
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10 Recipes to add Porcini Powder to! (1)
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