Protein Powders and High-Protein Foods

 All-natural protein ingredients, with no added stuff!
  • Add to smoothies, soups, shakes, energy balls.
  • Bake into breads and biscuits or stir into casseroles.
  • Versatile range of uses. For calorie-controlled diets, weight gain or as a general addition to the diet.
  • All-pure ingredients: no added sugar, no added flavourings.
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Soya Protein Isolate contains the full spectrum of Amino Acids. This is a convenient ingredient to provide your shakes, smoothies, cooking and baking with more protein.
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Organic, Pure Hemp Protein Powder
High fibre, 50% natural protein and rich in essential omega oils. Ideal for adding to smoothies and baked goods.
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Buy 3 or more for 41.79 each
Buy 3 or more for 41.79 each
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Organic protein powder from humanely sourced whey.
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Protein Bars

Protein Bars and Food Bars, including the intriguing Bounce Balls.

Protein-Rich Ingredients

Protein-rich foods can be used as a form of in-between-meal snack, as well as being added to your main meals. Protein is not just a single substance: each type of protein has a different blend of amino acids, and these amino acids are linked in countless ways. The more varied your protein intake is, the better chance that your body/muscles will be able to make use of each particular type. Variety is key.

Sports Nutrition

A hub for all things sports nutrition; A vast selection of protein powders, foods, snacks, supplements, and more.

Protein Powder Mixes

Sports Nutrition - powder mixes and drinks.

Plant Protein

Vegan (non-whey) protein options.

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Gluten-Free (34)
Dairy-Free (26)
Vegan (38)

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