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Bounce Balls

Coconutty protein snack.

Protein Ball Co.

RRP was: £2.49

Trek Bars

A traditional plain oat bar
...with added protein!
Chocolate coated snack
...with added protein!
Chocolate coated snack
...with added protein! And slivers of coconut.
Reminiscent of a Cherry Bakewell
...with added protein! And actually made with raspberries rather than cherries.
Protein bar with less oats
10g Protein - 186kcal. Cocoa, nut and soya crunch wholefood bar. 8% Gluten-free oats.

Organic Food Bars

22.6g Protein from brown rice & almonds

Pulsin' Snacks

RRP was: £1.79
Maple & Peanut Snack with Vanilla & Maple Syrup
A healthy snack with natural fibre and protein.

Nakd Crunch Bars

New Chewy Crunchy Nakd Bar!

Quest Bars


Grubs Bars




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Pulsin (11)
Sunwarrior (6)
Protein Ball Co. (6)
Trek (6)
Pulsin' (3)
Clearspring (2)
PlantForce (2)
Bounce Snack Foods (2)
Plantforce (1)
Naturya (1)
PHD Nutrition (1)
Greens Organic (1)
Organic Food Bar (1)
Nakd (1)
Bounce (1)


Organic (20)
Gluten-Free (21)
Dairy-Free (22)
Vegan (39)

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