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About the Price of Nuts

Infinity foods has a great article about the price of nuts. Nut prices have gone, quite literally, nuts in the last year, caused primarily by reduced rainfall in the Amazon which has led to a low Brazil nut yield. This has had a knock-on effect as other nuts are in increased demand due to the high price of Brazils. Cashew nuts, pine nuts, walnuts and pecan nuts are particularly affected.

The unfavourable exchange rate of the pound over the last year has also caused price rises across the food spectrum.

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Why are the supermarkets sometimes cheaper?

Supermarkets are able to purchase nuts in huge quantities at low prices well in advance of price rises. Of course, one can't be sure of the provenance of these nuts. All Healthy Supplies and Sussex Wholefoods products are hand-packed in the UK, and our organic ranges in particular are carefully quality-controlled.

Are you making loads of money out of this?

Not at all. The problem is that demand has greatly exceeded supply, and the nut producers are able to command a high price. We are trying to absorb the price rises to give you the best price we can.

When will the prices come down again?

The next Brazil nut harvest will be in the new year. In the meantime, almonds are probably the best nuts to go for right now.

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