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Premium Antibacterial Hot and Cold Eye Compress (The Eye Doctor)

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The Eye Doctor Premium

Our hot and warm eye mask features our patented Sterileyes technology, which acts as an antibacterial shield on the compress, clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria tested. The patented solution is bound to the fibres of the fabrics to protect the eyes from potentially harmful bacteria. This fabric is antimicrobial to leading the three causative microorganisms of eye infections and that associated with Dry Eye development.
The Eye Doctor Premium antibacterial heated eye compress helps relieve symptoms of various eye conditions and complications, such as dry eye and blepharitis, by heating the eyelids externally. There is strong scientific research which indicates warming the eyelids stimulates the glands, relieving any tension and irritation of the eyes.

Treatment pack includes

  • The Eye Doctor Premium hot/warm reusable eye compress treated with patented Sterileyes technology
  • Eyelid Wipes
  • A satin pouch for safe, clean, dry storage
  • Comprehensive instruction booklet
  • Massage technique procedure

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