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Garlic is a well-known and familiar flavouring. We supply a range of forms of garlic including paste, powder and flakes that make it quicker and easier to cook with garlic, with no peeling or chopping required. They also offer very good value for money.

Kaffir Lime Leaves

Thai aromas
One of the characteristic flavours of Thai food.

Chillies and Chilli Powder

Hot & Extra Hot Chilli Powder, Flakes & Whole Dried Chillies
We sell a variety of chilli flakes and powders in economy-sized bags, for the real chilli fiends who love to add chilli to everything!


Corriander Seeds, Powder & Leaves
Coriander is used throughout most tropical world cuisine, and is a staple constituent of most curry powders. Because coriander is so important, we sell it in huge bags so you will never run out. We also sell coriander plants, so that you can grow your own.


A Pungent Spice - White Cumin & Black Cumin Available
Cumin is a powerful spice that, like coriander, is almost always present in curries. It is available whole or ground, and we supply large economy-sized bags.


Ginger and galangal are quite similar. We supply ginger in paste form, as well as powder and dried galangal. Ginger is known for its calming effect on the digestion, as well as its pleasant heat.

Harrissa Spice Mix

Harrissa is a spice mix originating from Tunisia, which is commonly used to flavour spicy dishes.


Mace is the outer shell of the nutmeg. It has a stronger flavour than nutmeg and is quite peppery too. Like nutmeg (and similarly cinnamon), mace is suitable for both sweet and savoury cooking.

Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are the defining constituent of mustard. They have a heat that comes alive when crushed and mixed with water and vinegar. They are also used in some of the hotter curry powders, for that extra "kick".


Nutmeg is generally used in sweet drinks such as egg-nog and mulled wine. It is generally grated over the drink to be flavoured. Nutmeg is also good in certain cakes and desserts.

Pepper and Peppercorns

We supply a variety of peppercorns, including szechuan pepper from China, and even pink peppercorns! Of course, we have the usual black pepper, and also ready-crushed (but still coarse) peppercorns.

Pickling Spice

Pickling spice is generally added to vinegar which is then used to preserve pickles.

Ras El Hanout Powder

The well-known Moroccan blend of spices. Typically used in tagines and meat dishes.

Saffron (Spanish)

Saffron provides an intense colour and flavour to various savoury dishes as well as cakes, breads and buns. Just a small amount of these tiny crocus threads is used to great effect in famous fish and meat dishes such as Paella.


Zaatar is a special Middle Eastern blend of herbs: Thyme, Sesame Seeds, Sumac, Salt, Cumin, Coriander and Fennel. Ideal for naan bread recipes, chicken and kebab skewers.
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