Assam Tea, Loose Leaf, Organic 125g (Clipper)
Price: 2.99
Product Code: TEA72

Assam Tea, Loose Leaf, Organic 125g (Clipper)

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Organic Loose Leaf Assam Tea

  • Organic and Fairtrade.
  • Loose Leaf.
  • Full Bodied.
  • For use with a tea infuser.
  • A great breakfast tea.

Clipper's Loose Leaf Assam Tea is highly regarded amongst tea lovers for its full-bodied fresh taste. It makes a delightful breakfast tea and is often found in breakfast blends alongside black ceylon tea. It has a subtle malty flavour and a bright colour.

This tea can be enjoyed with milk or a milk alternative as desired. It can also be used in cakes and bakes - in particular tea loaves!


Steep tea leaves in slightly cooled boiling water. Add milk or sweetener as desired.
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100% Organic Assam Tea Leaves. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here


Price: 2.99
Product Code: TEA72

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