Split lentils are lentils with the husks removed, and are the "normal" type of lentil that one sees. They require a slightly shorter cooking time than whole lentils. Note that in most cases, red split lentils are the "split" version of brown lentils... i.e., brown lentils are red lentils with the husks still on.
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Organically sourced, easy cook lentils. Add to soups, curries and other vegetable dishes.
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Organic red split lentils. Nutritious and great value for money.
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Organically Grown Yellow Split Peas
High in protein, easy to cook and very tasty.
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Whole lentils are lentils that still have their husks on. The husks are high in fibre, and as such, whole lentils are considered more healthy than split lentils. This being said, all lentils are pretty healthy, with high amounts of protein and very low amounts of fat. Whole lentils need a slightly longer cooking time than split lentils: typically around half an hour.
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Chunky and firm with a succulent centre. French Lentils are excellent in salads and hold their shape in soups much like beans do.
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Versatile small black lentils
Canadian grown Beluga lentils have a light crunch when cooked.
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Organic whole brown lentils. Tasty and easy to cook.
Organic whole green lentils.
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Organic whole green lentils in bulk.
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Organic cooked green lentils
Ready to make into a salad or stir through a casserole towards the end of cooking.
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Lentil-Based Products

Hearty and Flavoursome soup with Lentils, Celery, Potato, Carrots, Onions and Herbs. (Gluten Free)
Packed with tomato, spinach, green bean, potato, herbs, spices and balsamic vinegar. (Gluten Free)
Lentil based crisps spiced with natural chilli & lemon flavours.
Lentil based crisps seasoned with natural creamy dill flavourings.
Lentil based crisps seasoned with sea salt.
Lentil based crisps with natural tomato and basil flavourings.
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