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Gluten Free Snacks 

A huge number of snacks are gluten-free, and it would be vacuous to label every gluten-free snack as "gluten-free", because there are a huge number of them. However, here we present the gluten-free snacks that are likely to be of most interest, because they are alternatives to things that are not normally gluten-free.

Wheat & Gluten Free Confectionery

Chocolates that are wheat free and dairy free. Many of these are raw, sugar free and full of antioxidants and minerals.

Gluten-Free Nakd Bars

Snack bars often contain oats or other grains that wheat-intolerant people cannot stomach. However, within the Nakd range there is a subset made of just fruit and nuts. They have the texture and feel of an oaty bar, except without the oats. Here they are...

Raw Health - Sweet & Savoury Snacks

Raw Health are a producer of fine snack-foods. They are made from raw wholefood ingredients, and are highly un-processed. Their range includes chocolate, crispbread and little seed-based sweet bites, and they are all very tasty.

Pulsin' Snacks

Pulsin' make a range of indulgent and tasty raw snack bars. Many of these bars are ideal for an energy or protein boost as well as a metal pick-me-up.

Organic Food Bars

These bars are thick, chunky, soft and satisfying. They made with raw ingredients, including raw chocolate, fruit, nuts and sprouted seeds. They are naturally sweet and high in protein.

Seven Seeds & Nuts Bars (Lyme Regis)

Chunky, crunchy chewy seed, nut and fruit bars. Gluten and dairy free.


Loveraw snack bars are packed full of fruit and nuts. wonderfully inventive combinations sure to fit any mood. They're organic, completely natural and free from dairy and gluten.

Home Page  >  Gluten-Free  >  Gluten Free Snacks


Raw Health (15)
LoveRaw (8)
Mrs Crimble's (8)
Nakd (8)
Pulsin' (7)
Raw Chocolate Co. (2)
Organic Food Bar (2)
The Raw Chocolate Co. (1)


Organic (14)
Gluten-Free (21)
Dairy-Free (36)
Vegan (33)


Raw Health (15)
Gluten And Wheat Free Confectionery (11)
Biscuits & Cakes (10)
Nakd (8)
Mrs Crimble's (8)
Gluten-Free Nakd Bars (8)
LoveRaw (8)
Nakd Bars (8)
Sale and Special Offers (8)
Chocolate Snacks (8)
Gift Ideas (7)
Pulsin' (7)
Coconut Based Food (6)
Raw Chocolate (6)
Chocolate Bars (6)
Energy Bars (5)
Sprinkles and Toppings (4)
Protein Foods and Snacks (4)
Make Your Own Food Hamper (4)
Protein Bars (4)
Nutritional Powders (4)
Raw Chocolate Co (3)
Raw Chocolate Co. (3)
Flax Seeds (Linseed) (3)
Raw Crackers & Crispbreads (2)
Kids Lunchbox Snacks (2)
Organic Food Bars (2)
Kids Snack Bars (2)
Raw Snack Bars (1)
Fruit Bars (1)
Coconut (1)
Brazil Nuts (1)
Stocking Fillers (1)
Buckwheat (1)
Cashew Nuts (1)
Goji Berries (1)
Apples (1)
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