Gluten-Free Grains and Cereals



A Tiny, High Protein Cereal
The tiny seeds of the amaranth plant, are highly nutritious; full of complete protein and dietary fibre. They are also safe for the gluten intolerant.
USES: Add to stews, soups and breakfast.


A Very Diverse Cereal
Buckwheat is a gluten free cereal which is saluted by many a coeliac. It is not related to wheat but acts very similarly in baking, cooking and cereals.
USES: Makes porridge, cereal puffs, flour & pasta. Add to stews and casseroles too.

Corn (Maize)

Corn/Maize Products
Corn is a gluten free grain which can be ground, flaked and popped.
USES: Breakfast Cereals, popcorn and flours such as Polenta, Semolina and Cornflour (to thicken sauces).


Slightly Sweet, Crumbly Grain
Millet is ideal for making cakes and sweet dishes due to is natural flavours. It's better in flavour once it's cooked and is again safe to eat for the gluten intolerant.
USES: Can be flaked or puffed into breakfast cereals and used in porridge, used in cake, bread and biscuit recipes.

Gluten-Free Oats

Oats produced separately from wheat
These oats are farmed away from wheat crops and are packaged in a gluten/wheat free enironment. Do note: Oat grains do not contain gluten, however some gluten intolerant people may be sensitive to oats for other reasons.


A Versatile Little Grain
Quinoa is a lesser known cereal in the UK but has been grown for thousands of years. It has many uses and is a good source of protein & dietary fibre. It is safe for coeliacs to eat.
USES: Use as a gluten free alternative to cous cous or instead of rice. Can also be added to soups, stews, used as a stuffing base. Ideal for flaking or puffing into muesli.


A Global Staple Food
Rice is used worldwide in so many types of cuisine. It's nature allows it to be made into various forms (such as flour and syrup) to create various outcomes (such as bread and pasta) as well as being enjoyed simply boiled whole. Rice is gluten free.


The smallest grain in the world!
This tiny grain originates from a grass native to Africa and is naturally gluten free. The whole grain can be cooked into a porridge and the flour is suitable for mixing with other gluten-free flours to add extra fibre, nutrition and flavour.

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